Truth Matters is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the exposition of what it means to be the church in a 21st century context. Truth Matters is a collection of articles and thoughts of young South African Leaders who are tired of ‘doing’ church and desire to see the meaning of ‘being’ The Church fulfilled.

For too long we have attended church and listened to preachers who have held us hostage with the word in order to many times, fulfill their own selfish desires.  Truth Matters is an attempt to help those who have questions regarding the “outworking the their faith” (Phil 2:12) and giving practical and relevant answers to those questions.

Please do join us on this journey of exploration and discovery of Truth and Revelation that is relevant for this generation!


Our mission is to awaken the lives of people and searchers to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.

We will do this by providing relevant teachings, discussions and information on the praxis of Christianity and The Church in order to become relevant to a hurting world.

In everything we do, we aim to be: Biblically centred/Culturally relevant/Personally authentic.



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