The Church

The Apostolic Mandate

Dr. L. Campbell Evans – © 1992

A new generation is rising in this third millennial period that is disillusioned and weary without really knowing why. They are restless and unfulfilled in their Christian experience as far as having an atmosphere for growth and experiencing the power in demonstration of the word of God. There is a fire shut up in their bones which cries out its release. Their cry is “there must be more”; “where’s the power and demonstration of the kingdom”; “why is there so much confusion and division in the church”; “why…..why…”? Unending questions flood their hearts as they sit on their pews watching the others around them that have dried up on the vine wondering if they are destined for the same. They wander from one place to another not even knowing of a certainty what it is that they are looking for. They are hungry, thirsty, and like the valley of dry bones that need to be called forth into new life by prophetic declaration. Little do they know that all they are looking for is rooted in present truth in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

There is chaos today in the house of the Lord and a total lack of commitment for there is not an understanding of covenant and the mandate which is upon the church! Programs have worn out the saints, formulas and plans have come to nothing, and the ordinances of men have bound the people causing them to live in an oppressive state all because the divine order of God has been removed from the church. We have allowed the ark to be taken captive by the Philistines but there is a Davidic company arising to bring up the ark (the presence of God) once again. But this time, it shall be brought up in due order after the design of God. This Davidic company will not build something made of flesh to bring up the ark, but will walk according to the apostolic mandate which calls for consecration and sanctification in order to ‘bear’ the ark upon their shoulders.

Once again, the Spirit of God is hovering, granting, and releasing the deepest God given desires in the hearts of men and women, revealing purpose and destiny, and the reality of the kingdom. There is a stirring to move back to the roots, the foundational principles of Christ. Over the centuries the church has grown and flourished through the salvation principles for the word of God will always perform itself. There is life in the seed, but it requires continual watering and sunlight once it has been released in order to grow and come to maturity.

The apostolic mandate is the divine directive given by God to a person that comes with the delegated authority to carry out a specific decree or order. A mandate which comes with any calling can only be witnessed by man, but cannot be conferred by ordination or ministerial licenses. Few have understood that an ordination is but a public proclamation and witness of one’s calling and a setting apart publicly for that work. Any mandate from God comes with kingdom authority and power to complete that which has been given and does not require the approval of any man or local eldership.

The message of the kingdom is apostolic in nature for it is the released impartation of the word by our Chief Apostle, the Lord Jesus Christ. The earmark of the message of this mandate is love, forgiveness, unity, faith, mercy, and hope. Jesus was empowered and anointed of the Father to destroy the works of the evil one and He chose disciples whom He trained through the teaching, preaching, and demonstration of the Kingdom of God. These people were to be an extension of Himself and the mandate which had been given Him. God’s mandate demands the continuous duplication of ministry, discipleship, and release of giftings and callings in the people of God for Kingdom work. It demands impartation of anointing to equip, commission, and to send forth His people.

A mandate empowers one or a body of people to COMPLETE their calling or designated function. The word mandate means authoritative command or instruction; a formal order or commission granted by a superior; or an authorization to act given to a person to represent another. One’s calling is but the entrance into their purpose, but the mandate is that which empowers the fulfillment of it. It is within the apostolic mandate that one finds not only their calling, but what their purpose is within that calling and how to use their gift in order to fulfill that mandate. It is within the mandate that the spirit of the message is found that holds the key of impartation to those that one is empowering for service.

The apostolic mandate is to make disciples of all nations and to advance the kingdom through the gospel and empowering the people of God to impact their communities and the world around them. It will release the process of transformation to cause the people to mature and challenge them to rise to new realms in Christ and beyond the control and dictates of religion.

Further, the apostolic mandate is to lay foundation, oversee, and to establish and maintain God’s divine order in the midst of the church. It is to bring an ending to religious traditions and the doctrines of men which bind the creation of God in ignorance and darkness. It will facilitate deliverance to God’s creation with entrance into His kingdom through salvation. It will begin to eradicate a sin consciousness, which has been unlawfully placed upon the body of Christ, through the power of the blood of the eternal sacrifice, Jesus Christ. The nature of the apostolic mandate demands excellence through the power of grace and challenges the church to never be complacent or satisfied.

The mandate of Jesus Christ was to reveal the Father, become the supreme sacrifice for the removal of sin from mankind, and bring forth the new creation man. The mandate of John the Baptist was to call a nation to repentance and prepare the way of the “Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world”. The mandate of the Apostle John was to reveal the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Paul’s mandate was to go to the Gentiles to proclaim “Christ in you, the hope of glory” along with the many hidden mysteries of God. Peter’s mandate was to go to the Jews and reveal the fulfillment of the law, Jesus Christ. The mandate of Moses was to deliver the children of Israel, bring order to the people, and raise up a kingdom of priests. Joseph’s mandate was to feed the nations. The mandate of Esther was to pray, stand in the gap, and bring favor to a nation before a king. Ruth’s mandate was to marry Boaz and and continue the lineage to Christ. The mandate of Joseph and Mary was to raise the deliverer of the world. David’s mandate was to reveal the heart of a worshipper, rule a nation, and dwell in a tent with the ark.

Almost two thousand years ago, the apostle and prophet were removed from the church and the apostolic doctrines were replaced with false concepts, and the ways of man, and Mystery Babylon began to rise out of the sea of confusion and divisiveness.

Revelation 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy…..

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Revelation 17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints……

For centuries, man has been controlled by religious mindsets and governments. Today, in this generation, we have seen a breaking away from that control. But as with most new moves, man has gone from one extreme to another. In an effort to get out of one ditch they inadvertently fall into another. Because they have been controlled, they view any kind of authority or accountability as a type of oppression. The apostolic mandate removes this fear, for once embraced, it is no longer all about us but it is all about Him and it brings the freedom to come together unconditionally for the will of our Heavenly Father.

There is a remnant of the people of God who are awakening to the apostolic mandate that is upon the church through the restoration of the apostolic and prophetic callings. This restoration is bringing strength and resolve to us as we venture forward in the establishment of the kingdom. Let us continue to pray and respond to the apostolic mandate that is upon us in this hour to establish His wonderful kingdom.