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The Church of Irrestible Influence

The Church of Irresistible Influence (i2).

What relevance does the church today have in society and in our communities. Does the church currently fulfill the mandate given by Christ to the early apostles to go out there and “make disciples of all nations” and teach them to be doers of His Word?

There is chaos today in the house of the Lord and a total lack of commitment for there is not an understanding of covenant and the mandate which is upon the church! Programs have worn out the saints, formulas and plans have come to nothing, and the ordinances of men have bound the people causing them to live in an oppressive state all because the divine order of God has been removed from the church. We have allowed the ark to be taken captive by the Philistines but there is a Davidic company arising to bring up the ark (the presence of God) once again. But this time, it shall be brought up in due order after the design of God. This Davidic company will not build something made of flesh to bring up the ark, but will walk according to the apostolic mandate which calls for consecration and sanctification in order to ‘bear’ the ark upon their shoulders.

Once again, the Spirit of God is hovering, granting, and releasing the deepest God given desires in the hearts of men and women, revealing purpose and destiny, and the reality of the kingdom. There is a stirring to move back to the roots, the foundational principles of Christ. Over the centuries the church has grown and flourished through the salvation principles for the word of God will always perform itself. There is life in the seed, but it requires continual watering and sunlight once it has been released in order to grow and come to maturity. (The Apostolic Mandate, Dr. L. Campbell Evans – © 1992).


In a book by Robert Lewis, he mentions that “the only way churches can connect with communities is by loving
people the way Jesus loved people. This genuine love must consist of deeds and not just words.” In today’s life where church is based on attending a service at least once a week, if not less. Where we only attend these services if they speak to our emotions and soulish desires (e.g. the nice coffee, a good word, great worship team), is the church really affecting change and establishing the Kingdom of God in every community?

Bridging the Great Chasm

An ever-widening chasm exists between churches and their communities. This chasm is evident by the fact that preaching is bold, but human needs remain unmet. God’s law remains truth, but the moral compromise of our culture is obvious.

Studies indicate that the public, as a whole, does not see the Church as a relevant social force. In fact, only one-third of pastors believe the Church is making a significant impact on our culture.

In studying the church of Acts (Acts 2). One sees that the church that the Holy Spirit introduced to the earth was by no means a timid and secluded organisation of people, but were driven by a deep conviction that what they had received was not to be kept secret, but needed to pervade and invade every sphere of society.

What was birthed then, was a church (ekklesia), that was able to effect change and transformation in the lives of ordinary men and women. How do we get back this in our day?

How can we return to the first principles of the church: i.e. sharing what they had, ensuring the the basic human needs were met. Breaking of bread and also studying of the word of God in such a way they what people saw cause a revival of 3000 being added in one day!

Note, that it does not say, ‘they put up a tent, invited the speaker of the century and made a massive alter call’. It was simple people, doing simple things, extraordinarily!