One Spirit Is…


“The (one) however being joined to the Lord one spirit is.” 1 Corinthians 6:17 – English – Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Bible.

Sounds very “Yoda” like, for all those Star Wars fans out there, doesn’t it?
The funny thing is, that it actually says that in the original Greek. But I’m not here to give a Greek lesson. I’m here to delve into what it actually means to be “one spirit”.
Quantum physics tells us that we are constantly blinking in and out of existence. So we are only here half (maybe even less) of our lives in this reality/realm. So my question for you to start pondering on is, where are we, the other half (or more) of our lives?
Now, I have touched on in the past In The Before The Beginning, that before we were born, we were spirit. That our scrolls/destiny were spoken out before the foundation…

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