The Church

Not an Event, but a Lifestyle.

God is all “evented out”.

He is no longer interested in events, activities or programs. Father is currently restoring what He promised in Amos 9 and Acts 15! The tabernacle of Moses is now obsolete, and has been replaced with David’s tent!

This is a people without ritual, religion, rites or ceremonies! Davids tabernacle is the place where the Ark rests, where His Presence dwells. A place where the Son of Man finds a place to rest!

If we are going to see this Heavenly Truth, become an Earthly Reality, it requires a people who are willing lay themselves down on the Altar of Incense. Willing to give themselves over to His perfect will and desire.

“Whenever church leaders discuss the challenge of working together in a city, town or region, the tendency is to look or hope for a revival or future event which will bring the body of Christ together. Some would argue that it will only happen when Jesus comes again. A better question to ask is not “When? “, but rather “How?” Is this ONENESS that Jesus was — and is — praying for in John 17? Our sovereign God, who sees everything from the FINISH, said in a loud voice, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever!” – Kobus Swart FOREWORD: Apocalypse Now – Don Atkins

This should be our Prayer. “Father, make us ONE, as you are ONE”! Your Kingdom come, your WILL be done, On Earth….